The Wall of Croatian Protestants and heretics

It was placed in 1982 above the previous memorial, on the path that is a shortcut from the lower to the upper road. In the middle of the wall, a stylized Glagolitic letter S is carved (recessed) in a white stone block as in a negative, with the names of major Croatian Protestants and heretics written in the upper part (Matija Vlačić Ilirik, Baldo Lupetina, Stipan Konzul Istrijan, Mihalj Bučić, Matija Grbac, Markantun de Dominus, Juraj Križanić…). Seven stone slabs, previously from the square floor in Motovun, are built into the wall, with quotes from Protestant texts. They are engraved in different types of Latin fonts: capital letters, italics, Renaissance script, fracture, etc.