The Glagolitic Lapidarium

In front of the 15th century church of Our Lady of the Snows in the village of Brnobići, replicas of the oldest and most important Croatian Glagolitic fragments and inscriptions from Istria, the Kvarner and Dalmatia are built into a wall, under a ramified lime-tree, where the local inhabitants always met: The Plomin Inscription, the Valun Tablet, the Krk Inscription (11th c.), the fragments from Knin and Plastovo (11th – 12th c.), The Baška Tablet (around 1100), the Grdoselo Fragment, the Senj Tablet and the Fragment from Sv. Petar u Šumi (12th c.), the Tabernacle from Vrh (1463), the Holy Water Font from Mošćenice (1631). The lapidarium was conceived by Branko Fučić (1920-1999), a researcher of Glagolitic heritage, who discovered, read and described numerous Glagolitic stone inscriptions and Glagolitic graffiti. It was inaugurated in 1985, chronologically the last, eleventh feature of the Glagolitic Alley although it is the fourth from the main road.