The Gorge of the Croatian Lucidarium

At the foot of the village of Brnobići, along the road to the village of Grabri, a dry stone wall in the shape of a mountain was built and a stone shaped as a white cloud placed on top of it: Učka and a cloud above its peak. A citation from the Lucidarium is inscribed: It is called Istria. Olympus is Učka. It reaches the clouds. The memorial, inaugurated in 1983, is dedicated to the Croatian Lucidarium, the Medieval encyclopaedia, a book of general knowledge in the European medieval literature of the 12th century, which was also used by Glagolitic priests. An anonymous Glagolitic priest wrote in it about Istria: There is a land called Istria. In that land is a mountain called Olympus in Latin, and it is Učka. And its height reaches the clouds