The Istrian Demarcation Act Rise

The most remarkable monument of the Alley is placed on the slope of the hill along which the road ascends towards Hum. Through a stone gate in the shape of the Glagolitic letter L, the path leads past stones carved in the shape of Glagolitic letters, which compose the phrase Istrian demarcation Act, with a stone slab at the top. The Istrian Demarcation Act is one of our best known and most valuable medieval texts, a collection of documents from the 13th – 14th century on the delimitation of the properties of Istrian feudal lords: the Patriarchate of Aquileia, the County of Pazin and Venice. The documents were written in Latin, German and Croatian, the latter is preserved as a transcript made by the Glagolitic priest Mikula from Gologorica. The memorial, solemnly inaugurated in 1980, is dedicated to this most important Croatian document from Istria.