Hum Gates

The journey along the Alley ends with the last landmark – the town gates of Hum, which were inaugurated in 1981. The gates are made of copper, two-winged, heavy and solemn. The handles have the form of slender and strong horns of the istrian ox. Words of welcome are written on the two rings. One inscription is in Old Slavic, in Glagolitic script, and reads: And the door will not be closed day or night, but there is no night here. And let no one defiled come in.  The Latin transcript is inscribed below the Glagolitic text. On the other ring is an invitation song to Hum by the poet Vladimir Pernić from Roč: Come to visit the small town, on the hard rock the heat boils. A Glagolitic transcription is engraved in the door below the ring. In the upper part of the door is a calendar: twelve medallions are placed in a semicircle, six on each wing, with scenes from village life, a display of works in each month during the year.