The Monument to Resistance and Freedom

The monument was erected in November 1979 near the entrance to Hum. It consists of three huge stone cubes, set on top of each other, connected by a common axis. Each cube symbolizes one historical period: Antiquity, Middle Ages, Early Modern and Modern Age, and together they epitomize the centuries-old struggle against violence and the pursuit of peace and freedom. The lowest cube bears inscribed the verses of the Latin poet Lucan (1st century) from his De bello civili. On the middle cube is engraved a quote from the Istrian Demarcation Act, in Glagolitic and Latin: That is why justice cried out for guilt to be abated. The third, highest cube is dedicated to the modern struggle for freedom and equality. This is expressed in verses created in the midst of national anc social struggles at the beginning of the 20th century: We are Istrians, real Croats. We defend our country as lions. The symbols of Istrian rural life are carved on the sides of the monument: a train, a plow, a blooming flower on the topmost cube, while the names of fallen partisans and victims of fascist terror.